Karow Aromen Plauen


Basics for drinks and liqueur - Also usable as dessert sauces for ice cream, creams and pudding.

Productname Order-Nr. Food labelling
according to EC Reg. No. 1334/2008
recom. Dosage Package (in kg) PDF
Sweet Woodruff 440/7
1:5 7,00
440_sweet woodruffbasic_440
Blue Sky with the taste of Cola 441
1:4-5 7,00

Lemon 447/7
1:5 7,00
Strawberry 448/7
1:5 7,00
Passion fruit 452/7
1:5 7,00
452_passion fruitbasic_452
Raspberry 453/7
1:5 7,00
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