Karow Aromen Plauen

Colouring Foodstuff

Colouring foodstuff - not to be declared.

Productname Order-Nr. Ingredient recom. Dosage Package (in kg) PDF
Caramel sugar syrup 21

1,25 021_caramellsugar syrup_021

Concentrated Beetroot juice 51

1,25 051_rede Beete_051

Red fruit concentrate 55/1

0,50 055_redesfruitkonz_055

– fluid –

plant extract pear green 57/1

0,50 057_PflanzenextraktBirnengruen_V1-20-11-2015.pdf

viscous, color shade: „pear green“

turmeric extract 58/1

0,50 058-1_CurcumaExtrakt_V1-01-12-2015

viscous, color shade: light lemon yellow

carrot juice concentrate 59

0,50 059_Karottensaftkonznetrat_V1-26-11-2015

viscous, color shade: from yellow to orange

Safflower extract 56/1

0,5 056_Färberdistel-Extrakt_056.pdf

color shade like lemon yellow

organic turmeric extract 813/1

0,50 813-1_Bio-KurkumaExtrakt_V1-01-12-2015

liquid, color shade: light lemon yellow

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