Karow Aromen Plauen


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Über uns


  • Flavours

    Proven and accepted – best taste for your products.

  • Organic assortment

    Organic and fair – taste with respect for nature!

  • Pastes

    Fruity and intense!

  • Baking

    Essential and good – ingredients for a good taste.

  • Ice Cream

    Tasty and decorative  – variety in taste and colour.

  • Colourants

    Food colourants - coloured and colourful

  • Preservative

    Karowinol – a preservative allowed by law!

  • Specialties

    Karow´s in-house specialities

  • Basics

    Basics for drinks and liqueur - Also usable as dessert sauces for ice cream, creams and pudding.

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