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Organic Egg liqueur

Karow's classic egg liqueur is prepared with craftsmanship skills at our company in line with our in-house recipe. The high degree of egg yolk forms the basis for our speciality; this is higher than the law stipulates and gives it its unmistakeable and typical flavour in conjunction with a finely coordinated trace of blossom honey.
Each batch is checked by our quality assurance department after it has been manufactured. When purchasing the raw materials, we place great importance on quality and select our suppliers taking regional points of view into account too. We primarily prefer regional producers or German suppliers. The egg yolk comes from chicken farms that pay attention to the needs of their animals. The hens are kept in line with the animal-friendly standards of DEMETER and/or Biokreis (the German organic association) and comply with the high standards of Bio-Suisse (the Swiss Association for Organic Farming)(
Our organic egg liqueur is available in an attractive, decorative glass bottle.
It is ideally suitable for preparing highest-quality organic confectionery, pastry and bakery items such as cream cakes, mousses, filling mixtures or gateaux and chocolates.
We naturally recommend that you try our classic liqueur on its own - as a creamy, delicious liqueur in a chocolate goblet or as a high-class dessert sauce for ice cream and fruit in line with the motto: Karow's organic egg liqueur - enjoyment with a good conscience.
  • Organic egg liqueur with organic blossom honey
  • A speciality with German organic quality, all the ingredients from German farms or German products
  • 18% vol. ethanol content
  • Egg liqueur quality certified in line with the EC Organic Farming Order
  • A high proportion of pure organic egg yolk (17%)

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