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Organic Lemon flavor

Our natural lemon aroma is made taking into consideration the EU Organic Farming Order and the Aroma Order. It is particularly used to enhance all high-quality organic bakery products such as yeast doughs, cream cheese and cream cakes, Madeira cakes, sponges, mousses and fillings, desserts, petit fours, chocolates, organic pastry and confectionery items and in Christmas baking for high-quality stollens, different kinds of gingerbread, domino tile chocolates etc. Also strongly recommended for fruity, organic lemon ice cream or for salads, soups and dressings in high-quality cuisine.
  • A purely natural lemon aroma
  • Made from high-quality lemon extract and direct lemon juice from sun-ripened Sicilian lemons from controlled organic farms
  • Remains stable when baked or frozen
  • Viscous for ideal and economical dosage
  • A strong, typical lemon flavour with a high-quality fresh lemon taste
  • Contains no colourings or preservatives according to the Organic Farming Order
  • Contains no ingredients that have been genetically modified according to the Organic Farming Order
  • 98% of the ingredients in this high-quality product come from controlled organic farms
  • Only <2% is an essential stabiliser (in accordance with the 5% rule in the Organic Order)
  • The aroma is made in Germany
  • The raw materials come from the EU

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