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Dessert paste Mango

A finely ground, natural fruit paste with a fresh, fruity mango flavour for making high-quality confectionery products such as mousses, gateaux and cream cakes, sorbets, ice cream and fruity fillings for gateaux, cake slices or pastries. Also highly recommended for making milk shakes or cream cheese and yoghurt dishes. It can be widely used in pastry cooking and for making bars of chocolate, individual chocolates and ganache.
  • A viscous-paste-like, natural fruit aroma paste
  • Contains 20% mango puree
  • A fruity Alphonso mango flavour
  • Remains stable when frozen
  • No colourings or preservatives
  • Highly concentrated - therefore use sparingly

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Ice, Confectionery

Schmandsahne Mango-Mandarine

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Exotische Fruchtschnitte

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