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Eggnog gel

Karow's GEL + cream egg liqueur is prepared with craftsmanship skills at our company in line with our in-house recipe and is modified as a filling cream for alcohol tax purposes. The high degree of egg yolk forms the basis for our speciality; it is higher than the law stipulates and guarantees the strong and typical flavour of our high-quality egg liqueur GEL. Each batch is checked by our quality assurance department after it has been manufactured. When purchasing the raw materials, we place great importance on quality and select our suppliers taking regional points of view into account too. We primarily prefer regional producers or German suppliers.
Karow's liqueur GET is a quick-acting and prepared paste-like filling cream with alcohol for cakes, chocolates and confectionery products with an alcohol content of 20%.
  • Liqueur prepared by hand: (classic egg liqueur mixed with cream) - paste-like as a gel
  • Alcohol content: 20% vol.
  • High proportion of pure egg yolk (17%)
  • No colourings
  • Creamy, paste-like yellow liqueur that can be used as a filling cream
  • A strong egg liqueur smell/taste
  • The egg yolk comes from controlled free range chickens
  • Modified for alcohol tax purposes (paste-like) – therefore not suitable for drinking purposes
  • Contains cream

This product is avaliable to commercial customers only.

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