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Confectionary paste "Marc de Champagne"

A high-quality alcohol paste with 50% alcohol. It is ideal for flavouring mousses and mixtures at confectionery bakeries without turning them liquid.
Alcohol pastes are highly recommended for making truffles and all semi-liquid fillings. The dosage is roughly the same as for spirits. The advantage here is that it is easier to use and doughs, mixtures and fillings do not become liquid, but more stable and the aroma is embedded in them. Also suitable for making ice cream; the gelling agents that are used stabilise the ice cream mix overall.
  • A colourless, matt, viscous, homogenous paste - therefore very easy to process
  • Does not cause doughs, fillings and mixtures to become liquid
  • 50% vol. alcohol
  • Remains stable when baked or frozen
  • No colourings or preservatives
  • Provides a typical, strong, original Marc de Champagne flavour

This product is avaliable to commercial customers only.

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Ice, Confectionery

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